The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) Party Infrastructure Project is an Australian National Data Service (ANDS) funded project being carried out by the National Library of Australia (NLA). The project will persistently identify Australian researchers and organisations. This will enable a more coherent view of research data collections in the ARDC and their relationships with people and organisations in the innovation system.

Currently researchers and research organisations publicise their data collections and other research outputs using varying forms of name. As a result it is difficult to discover all research outputs produced by a researcher or research organisation and to see their profile.

The Party Infrastructure Project will enable:

Project objective

The overall approach of the project is to extend the NLA's People Australia infrastructure to deliver a sustainable architecture that can be used to identify researchers and research organisations well into the future.

The objective of the Party Infrastructure project is to:

The Party Infrastructure Project is expected to run for approximately 18 months beginning January 2010. A Project Advisory Group will formally involve key stakeholders from the research sector and provide input into and review all project materials. An Implementers Group will also be established.

Project stages

Stage 1: Consultation/specification (January 2010 - June 2010)

Stage 2: Development and Implementation (July 2010 - June 2011)

ARDC Party Infrastructure Description




Version 0.3 (Current)

29 July 2010

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Version 0.2

21 July 2010

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Version 0.1

16 June 2010

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