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  • 04. Authorisation Status

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The Authorisation Status of request is used to find requests which have automatically progressed into a certain state.

The main use of Authorisation Status is to be able to find certain requests which require attention. For example, requests in the Authorisation Status of 'Check Manual' have reached the end of their rota without being supplied or have had an Answer nonsupply reason of 'Not found as cited'. Requests in this status require manual checking to either resubmit the request or to manually complete the request if it is no longer required. Note, that unlike "




Check Error

The request has not been supplied because there is an error. The Borrower (Requester) should check the details of the request


The transaction has been picked up by the Auto-Mediator

For Manual Authorisation

The request is waiting to be approved by a person

Check Manual

The request has reached the end of the rota without being supplied. (This includes requests which have been non supplied by reason 'Not found as cited')

Acknowledged Read

The request has been received by a Lender (Responder)


The Auto-Mediator has passed the request on.

To be Acknowledged Unread

The request is waiting to be received by a Lender (Responder).


The person responsible for approving the request has decided not to approve it

AutoMediated: AuthManual

The request is processed by a person rather than the Auto Mediator.

To be Authorised

The request is waiting to be picked up by the Auto-Mediator.