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A work may have one or more creators or contributors listed in the catalogue record, or the creator may be unknown. Where there is a person named as a creator, that person's birth and death dates may be used to calculate the copyright duration. If the creator is unknown, or the work was created by a company or government body, different rules apply.

The information used to identify creators is found in the following fields of a MARC record:
008 - Fixed-Length Data Elements-General Information
100 - Main Entry - Personal Name
110 - Main Entry - Corporate Name
700 - Added Entry - Personal Name
710 - Added Entry - Corporate Name

Identify individual creator

Look for names in the 100 and 700 fields of the catalogue record. If names are found, the work has (at least one) individual creator.

Use any life dates in 100 or 700 $d subfield as life dates for copyright calculations. If there is more than one creator, include life dates for each of the creators in calculations. This means that the copyright duration for works with multiple creators will be based on the most recent death date, or will be in copyright if any of the creators are still alive. See Determine creator's life dates for more information about life date rules.

Identify corporate creator

Look for names in the 110 and 710 fields of the catalogue record. If names are found, the work has a corporate or government creator.  See "identify government owned works" below to check whether the work is government owned. This information is used in the duration of copyright rules for some material types.

Identify government owned works

A work falls under government copyright if it has any of the codes shown below in character positions 15-17 and position 28 of the 008 field.

008 field position 15-17

008 field position 28

at - Australia (general)
qea - Queensland
xna - NSW
aca - Australian Capital Territory
vra - Victoria
tma - Tasmania
xra - South Australia
wea - Western Australia
xoa - Northern Territory

a - Autonomous or semi-autonomous
c - Multilocal
f - Federal/national
i - International intergovernmental
l - Local
m - Multistate
o - Government publication - level undetermined
s - State, provincial, territorial, dependent, etc

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