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The People Australia and Trove projects have created a number of services that allow users to find and get information about significant Australian People and Organisations.

The People Australia project has created:

  • a harvester interface that supports the ingest of people and organisation data from external services
  • an automatic name matching service
  • a data administration module that enables human matching of names
  • a web services interface that support interoperability between People Australia and external services

The National Library's Trove service has created the web interface that provides users with access to records about people and organisations drawn from the Australian Name Authority File, other National Library resources and from a range of partner repositories. This service also allows users to find and get physical and/or digital resources, by and/or about the person or organisation they seek

People Australia is based on the Australian Name Authority File, a unique resource maintained since 1981 by Australian libraries which contribute their holdings to the Australian National Bibliographic Database. People Australia also publishes metadata about people and organisations harvested from the databases or websites of its contributors. In addition, the People Australia service provides access to related resources in National Library collections and the collections of its contributors.

People Australia assigns persistent identifiers for People and Organisation records and provides a means of resolving these identifiers. The National Library also provides a means of disseminating these persistent identifiers for use in other systems, there by supporting interoperability between online services.

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