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People Australia Overview

The National Library of Australia operates the People Australia program which allows users to access information about significant people and organisations as well as related biographical and contextual information via the Trove People and Organisations view.

The People Australia dataset is based on the Australian Name Authority File, a unique resource maintained since 1981 by Australian libraries which contribute their holdings to the Australian National Bibliographic Database. Through the People Australia program the role of the Australian Name Authority File has been extended to collocate resources and contextual information about parties from a range of collecting institutions and online services. In this way, People Australia plays an important role in exposing resources from libraries and other collecting institutions.

To further enrich the service the Library is collaborating with organisations that already make available information about Australian people and organisations in their specific domains.

Additional Information

Dewhurst, B., 2008, People Australia: a Topic-Based Approach to Resource Discovery, VALA2008 Conference proceedings, <>

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