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Managing your Libraries Australia requests in Libraries Australia Document Delivery

Email alerts involve the sending of an automated email to a nominated contact email address when a particular action is sent for a request. This will improve workflows, e.g. for libraries who have a small volume of requests by reducing the need to login and check for new requests, or for larger libraries who may choose to utilise particular alerts such as the Cancel-Indication or Renew-Indication.

The email alerts that you may wish to subscribe to include:

Alerts As Borrower

  • Request (Check Manual, Idle): When a request is sent to a suspended location, the patron max cost is incorrect, the requesting locations NUC is added to the rota or when an Enhanced Request has been submitted from Libraries Australia for an item with no holdings.
  • Conditional-Indication: When a Lender sends the conditional reply for your Request. 
  • Overdue-Indication: When your Request has not been returned by the due date. 
  • Recall-Indication: When your Request has been recalled before the due date. 
  • Received by Email or FTP: When your Request has been supplied via DocStore. 
  • Request (Not Supplied, Check Manual): When your Request has reached the end of the rota without being supplied. 
  • Request (Idle, For Manual Authorisation): When an Enhanced Request has been submitted from Libraries Australia Search 
  • Renew Answer Yes: When a request for a renewal is approved 
  • Renew Answer No: When a request for a renewal is declined 
  • Not Found as Cited: When your request has been actioned Answer Non Supply with a reason of Not Found as Cited.

Alerts As Lender

  • Request-Indication: A new request is submitted to your location.  The Service Level (ie Core, Rush or Express) for requests sent to your location is included in the subject line (eg New Rush Request from NLA:AKIN).
  • Cancel-Indication: A Cancel request is sent by the Borrower (Requester) for their Request.
  • Renewal-Indication: A Borrower wants to renew a loan
  • Conditional Reply No-Indication: A Requester sends a conditional reply no to the conditional action you had placed on the request

Alerts as Borrower and Lender

  • Message-Indication: A Note has been sent for a Request.
  • Lost-Indication: A Request has been placed in the status of lost (Lost-Indication) can be actioned anytime, by either the Borrower or Lender, after an item has been actioned shipped

How To Set Up Alerts

In order to set up your Libraries Australia Document Delivery account with the alerts you wish to use, a form has been created here:

Please fill in the form with the details of your organisation and which alerts you would like to receive.

You will then receive a confirmation email with details of the alerts you have requested. When your account has been activated to receive the alerts you will receive a further email advising you of this.

When using these Alerts in conjuction with Work Queues (see Section 11), finding and actioning requests both as a Lender (Responder) and Borrower (Requester) is now a streamlined and easy process with minimal delays in processing requests within required timeframes.

Example Alert

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