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Each user of LA Doc Del is registered at a Location. From Location you can

  • view information about other locations, including whether a location is suspended
  • view and edit your own location details
  • suspend your location from the rota. New users should check their location details here before using LA Doc Del.

Location Search

Click on the   button, and the Location Search screen is displayed.
From this screen you can search for another location by entering part or all of the symbol or name of the library.

Example: A search for NKML finds the following details:

You can also search for all the locations in a state or territory by entering the first letter of the NUC symbol (A for ACT, N for NSW, V for VIC, W for WA, T for TAS, S for SA, Q for QLD and X for NT)

This Location Search provides a list of libraries whose NUC symbols begin with 'A'


  1. Open your browser.
  2. Enter the URL for the LA DOC DEL training database.
  3. Choose a training login from the list in Appendix 1.
  4. Log in using one of the training logins.
  5. Go to the Location screen.
  6. Choose edit own and review the library's details.
  7. Log out.


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