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  • 01. ILL Request Search
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Click from the left side menu to go to the ILL Request Search screen.
From this screen you can display one or several requests, and also choose to print them. You can search for:

  • Requests with a particular status
  • Requests on the last action you applied to the request - e.g., Shipped
  • Request with a specific ILL or ISO ILL No/TGQ number
  • All requests as Lender (Responder) and Borrower (Requester)
  • Particular service levels
  • Combinations of the above.

1 Your Library's Role

Choose from:

  • Lender - Incoming Requests your library will respond to as a Lender 
  • Borrower - Outgoing Requests your library have made as a Borrower
  • Both - This retrieves all requests for your library as a Borrowing and Lending location.

2 Display sent messages only

This box defaults to being unticked. Tick it if you are searching for very recent requests (which may not yet have been picked up by the Auto-Mediator and sent). Also Tick it if you are searching for Cancelled requests.

3 Display Not Supplied requests

The search results will include requests that have not been supplied. Defaults to being ticked.

4 Completed Requests

Depending on which radio button is selected there are options for inclusion or exclusion of Completed requests

5 Status

Select search options (status fields) from the drop-down menus. You can combine several status fields for more precise searching. Options include Pending, In Process, Shipped, Cancelled, Conditional
(See Section 3 for a full list and explanations)

6 Authorisation Status

Options include Authorised, To be Authorised, Processed, ProcessedCheck Manual, For Manual Authorisation
(See Section 3 for a full list and explanations)

7 Last action

Options include Request, Shipped, Received, Returned
(See Section 3 for a full list and explanations)

8 Service Level

Leave blank to search all Service Levels (do not choose Wildcard).
(See Section 1 for details of the ILRS Code and service levels.)

9 Service Type 1

Options are

  • Loan
  • Copy non returnable

10 Log Message Type

Here you can check for particular error messages - e.g., End of rota reached

11 Format

Here you can select the item format, e.g., Article Printed, Book, DVD Movie.

12 Other fields

Searching these fields is by exact match. They include Our Number (ILL No), Their Number and Title.

13 Sort by

Sort the results using the displayed options. The default is ILL No. ¤ descending - that is, the most recent requests display first.

Sorting options can be applied before and after request searching.  The list of options are: Current Responder Location; Current Responder Name; Expiry Date; ILL Number; Need Date; Requested Title; Requester Location; Requester Name.

14 Format

Select the format the results will be displayed: standard or print

15 Records per page

You can choose to display 5, 10, 15, or 20 records at a time.


Use these to submit the form or to reset the screen.

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