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Kent Fitch and Alison Dellit presented an interesting paper at the recent NLA Innovative Ideas Forum on Rethinking the catalogue (4.4 MB PPT).  In the presentation Kent talks about the need to integrate library catalogue searches with remote full text sources and shows a mockup that he developed to try and address this problem. The mockup, in the form of a static demonstrator, is available here

The recent discussion on Lorcan Dempsey's weblog on the topic of digitised book content is also interesting. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the notice about the conference. I was more interested in Courtney's paper, which is a media person's approach to the same thing.

    I'll put this diagram here as it might give a librarian a perspective of how repositories are meant to fit into "the workflow" as Lorcan would call it. (this server is sooooo slow) Might even be of interest to Warwick as Moodles are pretty well accepted in the .edu space. (well i could if the image loader worked). It's here

    You might also want to consider what might happen if you had a forum at the nla site. This gives you an idea of the workflow in most online communities.  



  2. Anonymous

    I could not download the .ppt slide. But I did manage to visit Lorcan Dempsey's webblog. By chance I am doing some commercial research on the viability of scraping book content and metatagging them. Ultimately with the idea of presenting the content on the internet.

    Came up with a couple of major problems for search. Typically, search engines want to eliminate duplicate content. So if I were go through and scan the first page of every book in the catalogue of for example, tagged it and built a catalogue around it: whether for internal or web searches, typical search engines would just coin it as duplicate content and hide it.

    Has anyone ever come across doing it this way using One of my customers recommended switching to a platform like this to tag and digitise brochures. Personally, I'm a little sceptical.

    Terence Hooi

  3. Anonymous

    It is good that is digitized, but we must take care because no money will came from parts sales