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Trove is the National Library of Australia's flagship discovery service for the public.  It supports the discovery and annotation of items in Australian collections.  The term "Australian collections" encompasses libraries, archives, university repositories and major online collections such as biographical databases, digitised book collections and digitised newspaper collections.

Trove (the online service) can be found here.

You may wish to read this general description of Trove or this paper describing the project that developed Trove.

Those interested in the underlying technical architecture may wish to download this Trove Architecture Diagram or this Trove Dataflow Diagram.

If you wish to follow a scripted search to get a better idea of the content in Trove, try this search for the Australian writer Ethel Turner.

Much of the data in Trove comprises MARC records.  The National Library has released a paper describing how Trove uses MARC data to support searching and faceted search refinement.  This paper is attached here

The National Library is planning an expansion of Trove in the second half of 2010, to encompass journal articles and licensed e-resources.  This expansion will be supported through collaboration with e-resource vendors.  The National Library has issued a discussion paper dealing with the user authentication aspects of this expansion.

The National Library would also like to strengthen the coverage of Trove by exposing collection-level descriptions and finding aids provided by libraries, archives and museums.  Our goal is to ensure that library users, and the wider community of Trove users, do not overlook the information resources that are held in museums and archives, or which are held in libraries but are not catalogued individually.  A discussion paper on this topic is attached here.



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