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The Australian Research Data Commons Party Infrastructure Project (ARDCPIP) was successfully completed in July 2011. This wiki and the documents it provides remain available for reference purposes but users are advised that is is no longer actively maintained.

Current documentation relating to the Trove People Zone is available in Trove Help. Contributors are advised to review this documentation and contact the Trove Support Team with any queries.

Additionally the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) makes available ARDC Party Infrastructure documentation specifically tailored for the research sector at:

The National Library is committed to the use of persistent identifiers for the permanent identification of internet resources and has a history of managing and supporting persistent identifiers. A persistent identifier for a resource or party:

  • is a globally unique identification
  • is generally an assigned number or code
  • does not change, even if the resource it identifies changes location on the internet
  • is different from an ordinary identifier in that it is guaranteed to be managed and kept up to date over a defined period of time, allowing users to refer to that resource, person or organisation in perpetuity.

Through the Party Infrastructure Project, researchers and research organisations (hereafter referred to as a "party" or "parties") will be assigned a public persistent identifier. This persistent identifier will be associated with a party record that:

  • groups name variants for a party
  • includes biographical/contextual information (where available)
  • links to related resources such as research outputs (where available)
  • links to related parties (where available)
  • relates party records from a number of contributors.

Some example People Australia records with persistent identitiers:

People Australia persistent identifiers for researchers and research organisations, along with data about them, will be made freely available via the National Library's new integrated discovery service called Trove ( and via machine-to-machine interfaces including the People Australia Search and Retrieval via URL (SRU) and Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) services. Data managers in the research sector will be able to obtain persistent identifiers for researchers and research organisations via any of the above interfaces for use in their own data management systems.

The project's work of providing researchers and research organisations with a persistent identifier fits in with a wider identifier framework to which ANDS has given a high priority.

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