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The Australian Research Data Commons Party Infrastructure Project (ARDCPIP) was successfully completed in July 2011. This wiki and the documents it provides remain available for reference purposes but users are advised that is is no longer actively maintained.

Current documentation relating to the Trove People Zone is available in Trove Help. Contributors are advised to review this documentation and contact the Trove Support Team with any queries.

Additionally the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) makes available ARDC Party Infrastructure documentation specifically tailored for the research sector at:

To enable other services to search or harvest data about identities, the People Australia program provides three standards-based machine-to-machine interfaces:


The OAI Repository is available at Record formats available are EAC, RIF-CS and Dublin core.

2. SRU (Search and Retrieve via URL)

SRU provides a standard web-based text-searching interface, utilises a rich query language called CQL (Contextual Query Language) and provides records in XML format.  The SRU interface is available at Record formats available are EAC, Dublin core, RIF-CS and ATOM.

Detailed documentation of the NLA Party Infrastructure SRU Server is available in PDF Format.

3. OpenSearch

The OpenSearch interface description file is available at: Record formats available are RSS and ATOM format. OpenSearch supports basic keyword searching and provides records in XML format.

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