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Early Implementers: QUT and Griffith University are the first two contributors to provide party records to the ARDC Party Infrastructure and obtain party identifiers. These identifiers will be used in their feed of collection, service and activity records to the ANDS Collection Registry and Research Data Australia. Monash University and the University of South Australia Architecture Museum have party records in our test system and we aim to move these into the production system before the end of December. We have a number of institutions interested in becoming early implementers and a Google group to support them. If your institution would like to become an early implementer, or find out whats involved, please contact us.

Events: Natasha attended the CAIRSS Community Day and gave a presentation on behalf of the NLA which included showcasing the Party Infrastructure Project. The presentation stressed the concept of the party infrastructure as an identity resolution service in which many different identifiers and associated information such as publications for the one person or organisation can be grouped under the one persistent identifier. This generated a fair amount of interest from the 80 or so people who attended from CAUL Institutional Repositories. Dr. Peter Sefton and Vicki Picasso showcased their ANDS metadata stores project at the CAIRSS Day. We are continuing discussions about how the party infrastructure can interact with their project such as via machine-to-machine look-up of possible party record matches.

Data migration and mapping: The Project team is continuing the migration of our data format from EAC 2004 to EAC-CPF. Were also working on mappings from the recently released RIF-CS 1.2 to EAC-CPF.

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