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Did you know that the National Library of Australia provides access to NLA Party Infrastructure records using a web service based on the Search and Retrieve via URL (SRU) protocol?  SRU is a standard XML-based search protocol which you can use to find and get records in a range of XML formats.  It is similar to the OpenSearch protocol in a number of ways but far more powerful.  

Documentation for the NLA Party Infrastructure SRU Server has just been released and is available via the Party Infrastructure APIs page on this wiki and directly from  This documentation provides general information about the protocol itself and specific information about the National Library of Australia (NLA) Party Infrastructure SRU Server.  As the ARDC Party Infrastructure Project progresses minor changes to the SRU Server and other Party Infrastructure APIs will be made so it will be worth signing up to the trove-api-announce list to keep abreast of changes.

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