Blog from June, 2010

Names Roundtable

The Party Infrastructure Project team organised a Names Roundtable event that was run on 18 June at the National Library in Canberra. In total 27 people representing the varied interests of the research sector attended the event. The event provided a detailed overview of the proposed Party Infrastructure and included useful presentations relating to the infrastructure from Dr Peter Sefton (University of Southern Queensland), Simon Porter (University of Melbourne) and Rebecca Parker (Swinburne University of Technology). The roundtable also provided a forum for the discussion of key issues including institutional commitment and resourcing, privacy and public data, complexity, data quality and richness and training. Feedback from this event will be key to the further specification of infrastructure workflows and components.

The Project team would like to thank all who attended, presented and participated in the Names Roundtable. A wiki page for the event which links to the presentations delivered on the day is at:

We have just released a document (in Microsoft Word and PDF formats) that provides a description of the ARDC Party Infrastructure and its various components in some detail.  It details contribution requirements and the means by which party identifiers will be assigned, managed and disseminated in the Australian Research Data Commons.  We would greatly appreciate feedback on it and the infrastructure described.